No Graduation Party? No Problem! One Mom Has Ideas for Alternative Celebrations

When I graduated from high school many years ago, I celebrated in fashion. We scrubbed the house from top to bottom, making certain every nook and cranny was presentable for the public. High school teachers, aunts and uncles, and friends from near and far came to eat cake, cold cuts, and Aunt Sally’s homemade mints. They signed my guest book, talked to me about my flimsy future plans, and oohed and ahhed over my displays of awards and photos.

Your Kid Hit Double Digits? Let’s Celebrate with Gifts for Mom and Dad!

If you were lucky, your friends and family celebrated you and your new child at a baby shower. Armed with a plethora of multi-sized diapers, adorable onesies, and well-intentioned advice, you started your family life with stocked cabinets and closets. Maybe you had to suffer through some annoying shower games, but ultimately, that shower prepared you for the months to come. And then, years later, the teen years hit.

How An Anxious Mom Stopped Her Constant Worrying About Her Teens—Your Teen Mag

Last week my more introverted, internal-processing teen was quieter than usual for a few days. I tried to encourage him to open up, but I didn’t get far. A list of possible problems ran through my head. We have a pretty big trip coming up. Maybe he’s stressed about that. And when we come back, school will be starting. He’s been trying to decide between college-credit and AP classes. Maybe that’s weighing on him. Or maybe there’s an issue with a romantic interest.

5 Important Life Skills to Teach Your Teen on School Vacation

My whole family enjoys the leisurely pace of vacations and days off from school. During my years as a high school English teacher, I took advantage of the long stretch of summer vacation to grab some extra sleep. I read books for hours in the backyard and caught up on daytime TV. My teens love trading their harried school schedules filled with basketball practice, late-night homework, and other extracurriculars for some downtime and to work part-time jobs.

Road Trip! 9 Great Podcasts for Teens and Families

It’s summer road trip time. What does that mean? Time for some Forced Family Fun! If your teenagers are usually in the backseat with their noses buried in their phones, maybe you can grab their attention with some teen-friendly podcasts. Here are some suggestions that might be worth a listen. **Some of these podcasts contain language you might not love to hear from your teens. If language is a concern, check for those warnings in the online podcast descriptions and listen to “beeped” versions w

How to Get Ready For Your First Job: Tips From People Who Know—Your Teen Mag

When I was in high school and living in small-town Iowa, the job prospects for 16-year-olds were limited. I opted for babysitting while some of my friends worked for local farmers or became certified nursing aides so they could work at the local nursing home. Now that my family lives in an urban environment, my sons have an overwhelming number of job prospects, and navigating them can be tricky.

Widening My Lens for Mother’s Day—Your Teen Mag

When I was a child, Mother’s Day meant Mom wore a corsage to church, and later we gathered for a special lunch with both of my grandmas and great-aunts who lived in our same small town. Around our oak farm table, we’d share a meal with constant conversation followed by plenty of dessert and coffee. These women taught me to bake and crochet, wiped my tears, and listened knowingly to my complaints about boys. Whether it was a safe place to land at the end of a school day with the promise of my favorite sugar cookies or a warm cup of tea at the kitchen table, the women in our family made sure I knew I was loved, and I was lucky to have them around me.

Mom Advice: Helpful Ways to Talk With Teens About the News

After news broke of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, my 17-year-old son texted our family chat with a three-word question: World War 3? My husband and I quickly responded with texted reassurances, and we’ve had several follow-up conversations with both of our sons. Because of smartphones and social media, our teens often know breaking news before we do, which led me to wonder how my wise mom friends were handling these tough conversations with their teens.

Five Animated Films Your Teens Might Enjoy—Your Teen Mag

My husband and I were fans of animated movies long before we were parents. He still laughs until he cries during the final fight scene of Kung Fu Panda. I know every word to every song from every Disney movie of the late 80s and early 90s. Lucky for us, our teenage sons still get excited for family movie night—and while we’ve added more superhero blockbusters and irreverent comedies to the queue, my husband and I are glad to say some recent animated movies have become big hits within our family.
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